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dr. elisabeth paige

For two decades, I’ve been committed to the practice of mindfulness, making it an integral part of my daily life. The creation of Petitations® ™ (Pet-centered Meditations) a decade ago stands out as a significant contribution, highlighted by the collaborative effort with my mother, Joanne Leslie, resulting in “The Petitation Companion.”

My literary journey extends to five picture books covering themes of gratitude, mindfulness, compassion, finding one’s forever home, and yoga. The inclusion of my beloved companions, Pippi the Schipperke dog, Bobbee the miniature Spitz, and Norman the Grumpy Cat, adds a personal touch to these narratives.

Beyond my written works, my podcast and YouTube channel, “Mindful, Happy Kids,” serve as platforms to share insights from authors and illustrators of kidslit, and mindfulness and yoga practitioners. The incorporation of Petitations sessions with Pippi further enriches the content.

Meet Pippi, the spirited twelve-year-old Schipperke dog with a personality as unique as her breed. Despite Schipperkes being historically bred as skilled ratters on barges in Belgium, Pippi defies expectations by shying away from even the tiniest mouse.

Pippi takes center stage in the picture books I’ve written

Energetic and playful, Pippi engages in activities like fetch and soccer, showcasing her love for playtime, especially with her collection of ten stuffed hedgehogs. Daily long walks are a must for this lively companion, who also finds joy in physical therapy, initially initiated to address a sore neck.

Remarkably intelligent, Pippi has a vocabulary that extends to over a dozen words, with a particular enthusiasm when food, treats, or snacks are involved. Her sharp mind is not limited to play; she also excels as a meditator, displaying mindfulness in her surroundings most of the time.

However, Pippi, with all her endearing qualities, does have a mischievous side. At times, she can be a bit of a brat, adding a touch of charming unpredictability to her already vibrant personality.

Pippi the Puppy #pippithepup
Bobbee the Miniature Spitz

Meet Bobbie, our adorable one year old miniature American Eskimo, the latest addition to our family. Bobbie embodies the perfect blend of playfulness and a penchant for cuddling, making him a delightful companion. Given his overly rambunctious nature, Bobbie benefits from daily long walks to release his abundant energy and keep him content.

Bobbie boasts an impressive collection of toys that keep him entertained for hours. From small tennis balls to various rubber bones and hedgehogs of all sizes, he finds joy in play. However, he’s still mastering the art of not chewing off the legs and noses of his toys. While he attempts to navigate food toys, Bobbie often relies on a more direct approach—good old brute force.