Interviews with kids authors, poets, illustrators, musicians, yoga and mindfulness meditation practitioners

I’m not sure why and when the podcast Mindful, Happy Kids began. I do know I got the gift of gab and the interest and respect of other people from my Dad and my love of books from my Mom. Ever since I started writing for kids, I have read kidslit voraciously and want more than anything to get inside the heads of great authors and illustrators. I therefore, started placing calls and sending emails hoping that authors and illustrators would be willing to be interviewed. To my amazement, most of the people I contacted wholeheartedly agreed (kids authors rock). I then extended my interviews to include some incredible young musicians, my music teachers, illustrators, poets, yoga and mindfulness meditation practitioners and people who work for the benefit of disabled kids. I was putting skills that I learned for part of my qualitative research education to work and I loved researching my interviewees because it was a great excuse to buy books (It’s not hard to convince me to end up at the counter of a bookstore with an armful of books). Since I started the podcast, I’ve built two new bookshelves. What fun! 

Here I profile some of the people I interviewed and you can listen to the full interviews in my podcast (see my homepage for the link). Enjoy! 

If you know of anyone who you think I might be interested in interviewing, please let me know at or on the contact form on this page.