What is Mindful, Happy Kids?

Join Dr. Elisabeth Paige on Mindful, Happy Kids podcast/YouTube channel for insightful interviews into the minds of kids lit authors, illustrators, musicians, yoga and mindfulness practitioners. Experience Petitations©™—unique pet-centered meditations. Enjoy Dr. Paige's readings from her mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and yoga books featuring Pippi the Puppy and Norman the Grumpy cat.

Podcast: Mindful, Happy Kids

Which podcasts address body image?

"Starfish" by Lisa Fipps and "The Gray" by Chris Baron (.conversation with Award Winning Middle Grade Novelist Chris Baron)

Do the books deal with bullying?

Lots of the books deal with bullying from body image in "Starfish" by Lisa Fipps and "All of Me" by Chris Baron and eczema in "The Magical Imperfect" by Chris Baron and Southeast Asians in the books by Rajani LaRocca.

Do any podcasts address mental health concerns?

Yes, "Mirror to Mirror" by Rajani LaRocca  and "The Gray" by Chris Baron address anxiety. "The Magical Imperfect" also by Chris Baron deals with the mental health of the mom of a young boy.

Are the books representing diverse cultures?

Yes, the books represent a diversity of cultures. For example, SE Asian Indians such as with Rajani LaRocca and Jewish kids such as in Chris Baron's work. Future interviews will represent African American culture and Guatemalan culture.

How often is Mindful, Happy Kids updated?

Mindful, Happy Kids is updated every 2-3 weeks.

Where can you find Mindful, Happy Kids?

You can find Mindful, Happy Kids on Spotify, Buzzsprout, Apple podcasts, Amazon podcasts, and wherever else podcasts are found.

Who are some of the people who have been interviewed by Dr, Elisabeth Paige on Mindful, Happy Kids?

Interviewees include Dan Gemeinhart, Rajani LaRocca, Chris Baron, Audrey Clark, Kate McKinney, Maria Castalucci Moore, Lisa Fipps, Kristin Harness, Robi Castenada, Jessica Lanan, Colleen Paeff, Steve Berg, Jennifer Gennari, JJ Austrian, Georgia Heard, Janet Wong, Emma Dryden, Rana DiOrio, Robert Castillo, Carolyn Marsden, Eve Decker, Banni Bunting, April Halprin Wayland, Gael Belden, Maleeha Siddiqui, Susan Volmer, Hanna Kile, Lisa Kring, Corey Strange, Laya Sy, Natalie Hagwood, Serene Sy, Jacob Sy, and Sophie Kirby are some of the people who have been interviewed.

Who are some of the upcoming interviews with?

Upcoming interviews are with Steven Salerno, Brittany Geraagotelis, Sara Palacios, and Rennie Dyball among others. 

What Petitations©™ have been uploaded onto Mindful, Happy Kids?

The Gratitude Petitation, The Wisdom Petitation and the two versions of the Petting Petitation have been uploaded onto Mindful, Happy Kids so far.

What are the Petitations©™ to be uploaded?

The Self-Compassion Petitation, the Loving-Kindness Petitation, the Walking Petitation, the Pet Scan, the Appreciative Joy Petitation, and the Grief Petitation will be uploaded to Mindful, Happy Kids soon.

Which of Dr. Paige's books have been read on Mindful, Happy Kids?

"Pippi the Puppy Learns About Mindfulness," "Norman the Cat Learns to Look on the Bright Side," and "Pippi Learns to be Kind to Herself and Others," have been read on Mindful, Happy Kids.

Where can Dr. Paige's books be found?

PDFs of Dr. Paige's children's books can be found on www.mindfulhappykids. "The Petitation Companion" can be found on Amazon.