In Memory: Pippi the Pup (2013-2024)

Pippi the Puppy and Norman the Negative Cat teach kids gratitude, mindfulness, compassion, and yoga in delightful books.
It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to our dear Pippi. A beloved character in the “Pippi the Puppy” series and Petitations videos, she was always there with a helping paw, playing nurse to our wounds and tears.
Pippi, the nurturing mother of twelve stuffed hedgehogs, shared equal love for her worn toys and thoroughly enjoyed watching the NBA, favoring the Warriors and the Kings. 
Pippi’s sweetness lingered until her sudden departure, sitting in a basketball pose on my lap, licking my face each morning and prancing on our walks.
Our love for Pippi knows no bounds, and she will be deeply missed