Conversation with Dan Gemeninhart--#1 New York Times Best Selling Author

dan gemeinhart #1 NYT best selling author

Engaging in conversation with Dan Gemeinhart proved as lively and authentic as his writing. His brilliance shines both on paper and in person, exemplified by his #1 NYT bestseller, The Midnight Children. Describing his works as “action, adventure journeys with deep emotions and deep feelings,”  Dan ensures each book offers a unique experience, avoiding repetition while maintaining a cohesive shelf presence.

Books served as Dan’s constant amidst the upheaval of relocating annually during his childhood. Regardless of his whereabouts, the familiarity of a beloved story remained a comforting anchor. While he harbored a passion for writing throughout his life, it wasn’t until his mid-twenties, amidst teaching and later working as a children’s librarian, that he earnestly pursued his craft. Enduring a decade of setbacks, including five unpublished manuscripts, Dan finally secured representation for his sixth book, The Honest Truth, marking the beginning of a prolific career. With six published works under his belt and the imminent release of his seventh, Coyote Lost and Found, Dan’s journey reflects his perseverance and dedication.

An ardent animal enthusiast, Dan incorporates furry companions into all his narratives. From the dogs in The Honest Truth and Good Dog, the adorable cat and goat cameo in The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, the mysterious cat in Good Dog the hero cow in The Midnight Children, the loving horse in Some Kind of Courage, and the creepy rats in Scar Island. these creatures add levity to weighty themes such as illness, abuse, and loss, catering to the middle-grade audience’s sensibilities. Through his storytelling, Dan navigates challenging subjects with sensitivity, ensuring his books resonate with readers of all ages.

Dan successfully pushes the envelope in his books by including such things as the blood and gore of a
slaughter house, creepy rats, a villain who chases children to return them to orphanages, and physical
abuse in an over the top manner so that he can introduce difficult and emotional topics without
traumatizing his readers.
Equally impactful are his strategic use of cliffhangers, a technique honed through his interactions with time-strapped, reluctant readers during his tenure as both a teacher and librarian. Dan recognizes the importance of captivating readers from the outset and maintaining their interest with each chapter’s conclusion, believing that losing their attention at any point risks losing them entirely.
dan gemeinhart-the remarkable journey of coyote sunrise
dan gemeinhart-coyote lost and found
See this website for an upcoming review of Dan’s newest book coming out in March, 2024--Coyote Lost and Found. This is a continuation of Coyote’s adventures with some of the same characters. Both books are stand alone, but enjoyed most together. 
Dan’s advice for writers is:
1. Write as much as you can. It doesn’t matter what—just put pen to paper.
2. Read a lot.
3. Have fun with your writing. Don’t worry about making it good. Dan admits that most of his first
drafts are terrible and then he rolls up his sleeves to make it better.
I highly recommend you listen to the podcast or YouTube video at the links below.

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