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Steven Salerno--Picture Book Author and Illustrator

steven salerno-children's illustrator and author, picture books

Picture book illustrator and author Steven Salerno has illustrated 37 picture books with 5 of these titles as both author & illustrator. His picture book story plots range from a young elephant learning to trumpet, to a female carrot who escapes from the vegetable bin to become a famous hat designer, to a tale of children gathering to honor a deceased pet, opening dialogue about the universal cycle of life. He has also illustrated many nonfiction picture books -on the history of Hershey’s chocolate, on the invention of the Ferris Wheel, on the science of DNA, and even about 12 real life brothers who formed their own professional baseball team.


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 Steven’s process of creating all the sketches and final illustrations for a picture book usually takes anywhere from 5 to 8 months. He first begins with tiny sketch doodles, then larger rough sketches, continuing on to more refined sketches which are presented to the art director and editor for their approval. Once the sketches are fully approved he uses these sketches as his guide to create the corresponding final illustrations -a combination of drawn and painted elements which then are composed in Photoshop with further drawn enhancements and color created digitally.  

Currently Steven is working on illustrating his 38th and 39th picture books, slated for release in 2025. He is also working on the manuscript for a nonfiction picture book story… Visit him at

You can find the podcast at and the 
YouTube video at:
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