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The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride and The Final Wish of Mr. Murray McBride
by Joe Siple

The incredibly well-written and charming Mr. Murray McBride series, written by Joe Siple,  focuses on two main characters–Mr. Murray McBride, a 99-year-old man who goes from hopeless to hopeful when he meets Jason, a ten-year-old in the desperate need of a new heart and helps him to fulfill his final five wishes. Adventures include kissing a girl, hitting a homerun in a real baseball field, and becoming a superhero. 
Jason at age 30 finds hope when helping Alexandra, an eleven-and-half-year-old born in the United State but with a Mexican father whose biggest crimes were traffic crimes while trying to provide for Alexandra and driving to work. Alexandra is only seeking to stay in the United States and when pushed by Jason, her five wishes were all about becoming more American. What’s more American than going to a theme park or voting in congress?
Themes of friendship, hope, grief, immigration, and justice penetrate the series. As is not always the case, the second book is as good as the first.
Move through tears and laughter as you join Mr. Murray McBride, Jason and Alexandra on their heartfelt adventures. Fortunately for you, you have to read the books in order to find out what happens so I don’t spoil he end.

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